Pocket Option Competitions and Tournaments

Competitions and Tournaments on Pocket Option are an excellent opportunity to hone your trading skills against other investors. The platform provides a range of competitive opportunities, from daily tournaments to weekly and monthly events. They’re an enjoyable way to hone skills while increasing winnings.

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Most competitions require a nominal entry fee and offer generous prize pools, so it’s worth reviewing the rules before signing up. Prizes range from forex and cryptos to binary options as well as traditional instruments like stocks, futures and commodities.

This article shall furnish an overview of the manifold Pocket Option tournament types showcased on the platform, the regulations, the process for enlisting, and strategies for winning.

Tournaments on the platform

Pocket Option proffers daily, weekly, monthly, festive, VIP, demo, and adept tournaments to content traders of all expertise tiers.

Tournament Type Frequency Prize Funds and Details
Daily Tournaments Daily Prize funds up to $500. Traders compete on demo accounts, and winners receive their cash prizes in real trading accounts.
Weekly Tournaments  Weekends  Buy-ins starting from $50 with prize funds up to $1500.
Monthly Tournaments  Once a Month  Requires a $250 buy-in, with a substantial $5000 prize pool.
Special Occasion Tournaments Major Festivities  Pocket Option increases prize pools for special events.
Perennial Contests  Ongoing  Active traders on the platform have access to regular contests and prize raffles.
VIP Tournaments  Varied VIP tournaments offer enhanced payouts for traders who meet minimum deposit requirements.
Demo Championships  Available to Novice Traders  Novice traders can participate in risk-free demo championships to compete for an initial trading capital.

Participation in Trading Tournaments

Traders can peruse forthcoming and current tournaments in the console. Selecting a competition reveals all codes and conditions. Post enlisting, traders monitor standings and trading activity. Re-buys or add-ons can be obtained if balances get too low. Upon a tournament finale, prizes are claimed through the console by extracting to your trading account.

Registration in Tournaments

Scrutinizing opponents, rules, and tracing standings during a tournament can aid strategize your trading. Wielding high risk-reward ratios, governing emotions, and reducing losses are instrumental to optimizing profits.

The most important thing is to research the terms and conditions of this Pocket Option Event before participating.

Pros and Cons. Tournaments allow exhilarating rivalries with other traders while prospecting hefty monetary prizes. However, the risky nature could induce losses, so apt strategies must be pursued.

How to Win Pocket Option Tournament

The lynchpin to winning Pocket Option tournaments is counterbalancing risk and reward in your trades. Since tournaments have fleeting durations, you need high reward trades to maximize profits expeditiously. Thoroughly analyze the assets and opt for those with maximal price volatility to leverage.

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Use technical indicators like MACD and RSI to identify trend reversals and opportunities for call/put options. Entry and exit points are crucial don’t persist in losing trades too long striving to recoup losses.

Monitor the tournament rankings to gauge your stance among the competitors. If your balance is low, employ the re-buy feature to re-enter the fray. Add-ons reset your tournament balance, providing more trading capacity.

With re-buys, you can absorb trading losses and drive for more profits. Just don’t overleverage as that escalates your risk of ruin. Remain composed during the tournament, making swift but measured trading decisions.

Don’t fret about what opponents are doing focus on executing your own strategy. Apply astute bankroll management and cling to a plan of high probability, high payoff trades. By balancing risk management with aggression in trade selection, your odds of finishing near the apex surge significantly.

Pocket Option Tournament is not only an opportunity to become a winner and get a prize. If a trader is interested in social trading, his active participation in contests will not go unnoticed by many other users of the platform, who will surely want to follow this trader and connect to his strategy.


Pocket Option is an exciting trading platform where clients can earn bonuses and prizes for winning competitions. This is an excellent way to boost your earnings and boost overall profitability.

Pocket Option offers a range of prizes, from cash to trading funds and even an earnings percentage bonus. Their rewards are far above the industry average and it is regulated by IFMRRC which adheres to their Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer policies. Furthermore, its website is user friendly with customer support available via email or phone number.

The site also provides a demo account, allowing traders to practice trading without risking real money. This feature is ideal for new investors and anyone hesitant about risking actual funds when trading.

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Pocket Option stands out among other sites by not charging any trading commissions or fees on deposits and withdrawals. This makes it a great choice for those new to binary options trading.

Another advantage of the Pocket Option platform is its wide selection of trading accounts for users of all skill levels. You can select from six distinct live trading accounts and deposit or withdraw via various methods such as cryptocurrencies, Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards, Coinbase exchange, WebMoney, Perfect Money and Advcash etc.

One of the most exciting features of the Pocket Option trading app is its rollover option, which could help you boost your profits with minimal risk. Utilizing this feature effectively can be very profitable, but first you must understand how to utilize it efficiently.

If you’re new to trading, a demo account is the ideal starting point. All that requires is clicking the «Demo Account» button on the website and Pocket Option will grant you $10,000 worth of virtual funds that can be used for trading.

The company boasts an excellent reputation for providing outstanding customer service. Their staff are available 24/7 via email, phone or live chat – which can be particularly useful if you’re having difficulty with your account or require more information about Pocket Option. Moreover, they maintain a strong social media presence so you can easily connect with them as well.


Pocket Option offers a range of Competitions and Tournaments to encourage traders to trade more frequently and maximize their profits. Prizes, trading bonuses, and other incentives are offered as an incentive for both new and existing clients to encourage them to trade more actively and maximize their returns.

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On the platform, there are a number of social trading features that can be beneficial to beginners, such as following other investors and mirroring their strategies. This gives you insight into their trading habits and which tactics work best. Furthermore, you can copy successful traders’ tactics in order to enhance your own performance.

Furthermore, Pocket Option offers a free demo account that allows new traders to test out trading strategies without risking any money. This helps new traders hone their skills before investing real cash.

One helpful aspect of the Pocket Option website is its comprehensive FAQ section that serves as an educational resource. These articles cover detailed information about broker features, trading strategies, and technical difficulties in-depth.

The site also offers a blog and forum, where traders can discuss various aspects of trading. These forums serve as excellent venues for asking questions and receiving assistance from other users.

Furthermore, the Pocket Option website offers an extensive library of videos to educate traders on the trading process. These tutorials cover everything from using different features of the website to explaining different trading techniques.

Traders on the Pocket Option website can take part in a daily free trading tournament that awards prizes to players who make the most profit over a certain period. To qualify for such an event, traders must first create an account and verify their profile; then pay nothing for participation!

In addition to the tournament, the company offers a welcome bonus scheme that could be worth 50% of your initial deposit. The minimum required is PS50 and the maximum limit is PS5,000; however, be sure to read all terms and conditions prior to signing up for this promotion.

Closing date

If you want to test your skills and win prizes on the Pocket Option platform, take part in competitions and tournaments. These are an excellent opportunity to hone trading strategies and boost your bankroll. You can find information regarding event dates in the main dashboard; there is usually a fee for entry.

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You can try your hand at forex trading for free with a demo account, offering demo accounts to traders of all experience levels. Choose from various currencies and cryptocurrencies, or take advantage of an autopilot feature which makes trades for you automatically.

The broker also provides a social trading platform, allowing you to monitor and copy other traders’ trades. This makes it simple for traders to generate passive income while learning about binary options trading basics.

Pocket Option is a premier global broker with an innovative proprietary platform and extensive asset selection to choose from. You can invest in over 30 foreign exchange pairs and popular cryptocurrencies on its user-friendly app, providing access to an array of investments that is second to none.

No minimum deposit requirements exist and you can fund your account using a variety of payment methods. Credit and debit cards, e-payments like Perfect Money and 29 cryptocurrency tokens all work great.

If you have any queries about your account or are having difficulties using the website, feel free to get in touch with their customer support team anytime. They offer live chat, phone support and email so that friendly staff members can provide assistance as soon as possible.

This broker is highly-rated and secure, being regulated by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC). However, it’s essential that you keep your sign-in information secure and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

Customer support is available around the clock and can be reached by phone, email or through their social media accounts. Alternatively, you may visit their live chat portal on the site’s main dashboard for immediate assistance.

The broker also hosts regular trading tournaments on its platform, where top three finishers can win cash prizes. You can join these contests by paying a low entry fee which ranges from PS1 to PS50 depending on the prize pool size.