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An easy start is another advantage of the company over its competitors. Pocket Option Demo trading can be started with just one click, without actually registering an account. Click below.

Pocket Option Demo Login

This is very convenient for traders who just want to test the trading platform. In turn, the company demonstrates complete openness to clients and is not afraid to show the rich functionality of the trading platform.

You can go to demo trading without registration by clicking a special button in the top menu. You will be automatically redirected to the demo trading web terminal. This method has only one disadvantage – your trading results will not be saved. But you can try the trading platform without registration.

If you need Pocket Option demo trading with saving your trading results, then you will need to go through a simple account registration process. We’ll take a closer look at the Pocket Option free demo registration process below.

The demo account provided on the platform of the Pocket Option broker allows novice traders to learn the basics of binary options trading and the features of the provided terminal.
Hone your trading skills on a demo account

Also, a Pocket Option demo account is used to develop new strategies, which can then be used in practice. In order to switch to demo mode, you need to click on the tab of the same name. After that, traders are provided with 10 thousand virtual dollars, which can be used for trading.

The balance on such an account can be replenished on your own, which is very convenient if you are not yet confident in your abilities and want to continue training. As noted earlier, access to the training account is open to all traders, including those who have not passed the registration and verification procedure.

The PocketOption broker platform (trademark owned by Gembell Limited) appeared on the binary options market relatively recently, but this broker deserves attention, as it has already received quite a few positive reviews from traders during its work.

Clients are offered very high payout ratios that can reach up to 96% for currency pairs. At the same time, the broker has a lot of free and paid tournaments, as well as a unique market functionality that allows you to receive additional bonuses to your account, ranging from increased odds to cashback.

How to Open a Demo Account with an Email?

Like the main competitors, you can register an account on Pocket Option in three ways, through:

Registration by each of these methods is quite simple and fast and does not take more than 5 minutes of time, or even less.

In order to register an account by Email, in the registration form you must specify your Email and come up with a password. In fact, that’s all. By agreeing to the terms, you can complete the registration and then follow the link in the letter. Thus, you will confirm your mailbox and register an account.

Everything. After that, you get a free demo and in the future you can replenish the deposit and trade on a real account.


How to Open a Demo Account with a Facebook account?

Registering an account with Facebook is no more complicated than registering with Email.

In the registration window, you must click on the Facebook button. Next, enter the data from the account and complete the registration process. As you can see, everything is simple, fast and easy. After completing the registration, you can go to your demo account.

How to Open a Demo Account with a Google account?

Registering an account with Gmail is no more complicated than registering with Email or Facebook.

In the registration window, you must click on the Gmail button. Next, enter the data from the account and complete the registration process. As you can see, everything is simple, fast and easy. After completing the registration, you can go to your demo account.

How to Open a Demo Account on Mobile Web Version?

The company understands that the future belongs to mobile trading, as human life has become more dynamic. Therefore, the company has developed a very good mobile application that has almost all the functions of the web platform. The Pocket Option mobile application is two in one: a trading terminal and a personal account.

Using the mobile application, you can also easily and quickly register an account or PocketOption demo trading.

At the same time, the process of registering an account in a mobile application does not differ from registering on a website. You have 3 ways to register. You can choose the one that suits you the most.

After that, you will need to repeat all the steps that you go through when registering an account on the web platform.

The Pocket Option platform is adapted to various types of devices and operating systems

Why do I need a demo account?

Foreign exchange operations are associated with high risks. Therefore, it is especially important for beginner traders to use a demo account with virtual money.

A test account allows you to predict losses and work out a strategy. Trial mode contributes to the formation of starting skills, gives the player the opportunity to overcome the fear of loss. If the trial version is completed successfully, the chosen tactics work, the trader switches to real trading.

Operations with binary options are in high demand among traders every year. Brokers are ready to offer loyal game conditions in order to attract the maximum number of players. A demo account is a kind of loyalty program. A special deposit allows the client to participate in transactions without the risk of losing their own capital. To do this, you will have to make a minimum of effort and spend a few minutes of your personal time.

Pocket Option platform usage guide

On the demo account, the turnover of funds is carried out in a virtual mode, a limited fund is available to the player to buy options and participate in trading. In this case, there is no need to deposit real money, and, accordingly, you do not have to risk losing them.

The presence of a demo system is an indicator of the reliability of the broker, its thorough attitude towards customers. Traders undergo training, test strategies and are ready for long-term and fruitful cooperation. In addition, trial trading will not be superfluous for experienced clients of the foreign exchange market. It is better to practice a new tactic in a limited account than to lose the pot and lose the opportunity to trade.

If losses on a real deposit appear with enviable regularity, amount to more than a third of the capital, the trader is advised to suspend trading and go to a binary options demo account. Such a move will allow us to analyze vulnerabilities and eliminate shortcomings in trade policy.

An additional advantage of trading on a demo account is the opportunity to get acquainted with the trading platform. The client studies the interface, evaluates the convenience and functionality of the service. To choose a reliable broker with a test deposit, you should carefully study the reviews of other traders, read the rating tables and lists.

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Learn to analyze the market using indicators on a demo account

Making the Transition from Pocket Option Demo Trading to Live Trading

Although demo trading is a useful tool to acquaint yourself with the platform and experiment with various trading strategies without risking your capital, it’s crucial to recognize that it’s not identical to real trading. It’s common to feel overly confident while trading in demo mode, which could result in adopting bad habits and making poor decisions.

In demo mode, traders are inclined to take more risks than they would if they were trading with actual money, which can create unrealistic expectations and a lack of discipline. Therefore, it’s vital to start actual trading as soon as possible to prevent these habits from developing.

Trading with actual money necessitates a higher level of concentration and self-discipline. Each trade has a real financial impact, motivating traders to conduct thorough research and make informed choices.

However, it’s important to begin with a small deposit and cautiously manage your risk when transitioning to real trading. By adhering to your trading strategy, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

How to Switch to Live Trading on Pocket Options Demo?

If you haven’t registered yet, start by registering on the platform. Then, while in demo trade terminal, click the «trading» button located on the left side of the screen.

This will bring up a window with a choice of trading platforms. Select «Quick Trading Real Account.»

Next, you will need to make your first deposit. The deposit button is located in the upper right corner, where your account balance is displayed. We recommend taking advantage of the 50% bonus on your first deposit by clicking on the corresponding button.

Follow the further instructions. You may need to verify your email or provide additional information if necessary.

What can Pocket Option offer traders?

In addition to Pocket Option free demo, customers can take advantage of numerous promotions, bonuses and other interesting offers from the company.

Traders can get a bonus already on their first deposit. Unlike competitors, the company does not block the trader’s own funds after receiving a bonus. The client can withdraw his money from the deposit at any time without any sanctions. Bonus funds are simply cancelled.

Benefits of Pocket Option

Pocket Option is a relatively young company, but in a short period of time, it managed to enter the top 5 brokers. It was succeeded, among other things, thanks to interesting and in some cases unique services:

All these and other features attract more attention of traders as they help to improve the trading result and increase the probability of success.Open a demo account on Pocket Option now and get success with one of the best platform for online trading!