In this article, we will analyze in more detail the legal basis for the functioning of the binary options and discover, is Pocket Option legal in India and other countries? We will also assess the trustworthiness of this trading platform.
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The world of finance is becoming more and more dynamic. Traders don’t want to wait months or years for dividends or stock returns. Traders want to make as much profit as possible and as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons why the cryptocurrency market attracts more attention from traders. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is very high, and allows one to receive a large percentage of income in a short period of time.

Since quotes are displayed in real time, and transactions are made in one click, there are many easy ways to increase income using asset price fluctuations. But even this flexible and rather convenient system does not stop developing and users are offered more interesting products.

But there is another instrument  in the financial field that is actively developing and keeping up with the times, providing traders and investors with the necessary dynamism and simplicity. These are binary options.

While binary options, CFDs, and forex trading offer millions of traders worldwide the opportunity to profit from their investments, it’s important to acknowledge that these are among the highest-risk financial instruments. Trading such instruments involves a significant risk of losing your funds. It’s crucial to always keep this in mind and approach your trading activities with utmost caution and a well-defined strategy.

What is Pocket Option?

It should be noted right away that the Pocket Option company is one of the leaders in the binary options market. It is part of the Gembell Limited holding, which was created by a group of professionals with extensive experience in trading and investment activities.

The company is focused on the requirements of the mass client, therefore it offers high-quality services for access to binary options trading on the OTC market in many countries, including India.

Is Pocket Option legit in India?

Pocket Option legit in India and in other countries of the world.

There are no laws prohibiting the company from operating in the Indian market. Despite this, due to ignorance, many users continue to ask the question: are binary options legal in India? Or is Pocket option legal in India?

To start trading on Pocket Option legit in India, you need to sign up for a demo account by going to the website. 

Why do I need a demo account with Pocket Option?

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The demo account can be used for various purposes. Firstly, this is a great opportunity to explore all the functions of the trading platform. For example, if you want to trade binary options in India, you need to study the features and nuances of this type of earnings. You will simultaneously study the trading platform and the market, select or develop your own trading strategy that will allow you to make big profits.

The Pocket Option legit in India and gives you the  great opportunity to earn money on binary options trading.

A demo account is used even by experienced traders. They work out new trading ideas or trading strategies. This is the most convenient and safest way to do it.

Yes, you will not earn money on a demo account, but you will get a huge experience that is priceless. Thanks to this experience and knowledge, you will be able to earn money already on a real account.

In addition the platform offers a generous 50% deposit bonus. To avail of this offer, simply register through the links on this page, complete the verification, and then navigate to the deposit page. For inquiries about other available promotions, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team.

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The popularity of Pocket Option in India

The effectiveness of Pocket Option in India is growing every year. And this is not surprising, since the company has been operating on the market since 2017 and has already been able to establish itself as a reliable and trusted partner.

Pocket Option operates in over 95 regions around the world and has over 10 million registered users. The company’s turnover exceeds $500,000,000.

Many users around the world have been able to make sure that Pocket Option is a company they can trust. According to the latest estimates, the average monthly income of Pocket Option users is about $850*.

Is Pocket Options scam or not? To gauge its legitimacy, consider its popularity on social media and app download statistics. These factors indicate that the platform meets user requirements worldwide.

Pocket Option Regulation

Also Pocket Option is regulated by the International Financial Markets Regulation Center (IFMRRC). This organization is based in the Marshall Islands. At the same time, the company also applies a KYC policy, which is aimed at combating money laundering and other fraudulent or illegal activities.

Pocket Option is reliable and legal

Pocket Option has long been recognized among traders. The company always tries to work honestly and openly, therefore it rightfully deserves high marks from traders and partners. The trust of traders is the highest award for Pocket Option.

What is binary options trading in India with a trading platform?

Is binary option legal in india? Is Pocket Option broker legit? These kinds of questions are very often asked by many users, since the legal issue of the legality of binary options trading remains unknown to many.

Actually binary option trading is legal in India. Trading binary options is no different than trading Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, options, ETFs, etc. It is the lack of awareness of many users on this issue that gives rise to a lot of speculation on the topic of binary options legal in India, despite the fact that binary options are completely legal and legitimate ways to make money in India.

Despite the emergence of new directions for the development of the  industry, binary options remain in demand and are only gaining popularity every year. This is explained primarily by the ease of access to the financial market and ease of trading. Users do not need to go through a complicated registration and verification process, they do not need to learn complex trading platforms or the specifics of the stock market, cryptocurrencies, etc. Sign in most binary options platforms takes a matter of minutes, and the trading terminal is as simple and understandable.

India is no exception. The popularity of binary options is only increasing every year, since it is a simple and quite convenient way to enter the financial market for any resident of the country. Moreover, many popular companies offer trading platforms for mobile devices. Thanks to this, you can trade anywhere and anytime.


The limiting factor for the development of the market remains the lack of awareness of users on the question of how much is binary options legal in india?

What are binary options?

Pocket Option trading platform

Classic, non-binary, options are traded on the market in the same way as other exchange-traded instruments. These are contracts that allow the holder to buy or sell certain assets at a fixed price.

The trader buys in advance the opportunity to make a transaction later at prices set in advance. The trader’s profit is the difference between the price he agreed on and the real price of the asset at the time of the transaction. But this is quite a complex tool and not all even experienced traders can and know how to work with these tools.

Traditional options have little in common with binary options, despite a common misconception by many people. This is a much simpler tool, which, by and large, can be used even by a beginner in the financial market.

A binary option allows you to earn on the correct prediction of the direction in which the price of an asset will move in a set period of time. Like a bet. There are only two options for such a transaction: either the forecast will come true and the trader will make a profit, or it will not come true and the trader will lose investments. Therefore, the tool got its name.

Unlike classic options, the profitability and loss of binary options are known in advance. This gives users certain advantages, since you know your risks in advance and can build a competent money management system and trading strategy.

In binary, it is precisely the direction of price change that is predicted, and not the difference by which the price will change. The execution time of such trades ranges from one minute to several months, and the profit or loss is fixed.

Trading assets for a binary option are currency pairs, stocks, trading raw materials and indices.

This way of earning appeared in 2008, when the Chicago and American stock exchanges provided their platforms for transactions. Traders from other countries, including India, got access to these tools after a few years. As you can see, it is a binary option legal in India and in other countries of the world. Moreover, in many countries of the world, income from binary options is not taxed.

Working with Pocket Option in legal status does not differ from the work of any other brokerage company in India.

Binary options trading principle

The essence of binary options trading is that the trader guesses whether the price of the selected asset will rise or fall. The direction is selected by two buttons: «Higher» or «Lower» (Call and Put). If after a set period of time the forecast comes true, the trader will receive the invested money and profit.

Start trading in Pocket Option “in one click” on a free demonstration account with $10,000!
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At the same time, the assets themselves are not acquired. In fact, you do not buy these assets, but bet on the growth or decline in the value of the asset. This is precisely the basic principle of legality. In fact, you are not buying or selling anything, but simply placing a bet.

If the trader did not guess correctly, he loses the money that he spent on the purchase of the contract. If the price has not changed, the trader does not lose or gain anything.

Some brokers, if a trader loses, compensate him with a few percent of the investment, thereby providing traders with more interesting and favorable conditions for working.

Since binary options allow you to make big profits in a short period of time, they are mainly used for speculative purposes. It is this feature that makes this type of earnings on financial platforms very popular. You do not need to chase volatility and choose instruments that can bring you big profits in a short period of time. You can trade any instrument and make profit every minute.

To trade binary options in India, you need to choose a broker, open an account and download a terminal, or trade in a browser. Obviously, the most interesting platform for many users is Pocket Option.

Are binary options legal in India?

Yes,   they are. There is no legislation in the country that prohibits trading binary options. All concerns about the legality of binary options trading are solely due to the lack of awareness of some people. Which can also mislead their colleagues.

Therefore, in the future, answering the questions, is it legal to trade binary options in India and is Pocket Option legal, you can confidently give an affirmative answer. Binary options – yes. Also Pocket Option is Legal in India

How to sign up for a Pocket Options account in India?

To register an account in Pocket Option broker, you need to go through a simple sign in process.

Sign Up Now

Pocket Option offers users several ways to register at once:

You can choose any of these methods that you find most convenient.

To sign in using Email, you need to fill in the required information on the «Registration» tab, agree to the terms of use and click «register»:

In the future, you will need to go to your email where Pocket Option will send you a confirmation letter. Click the link in this email to activate your account.

That’s it, you will finish registering and activating your account. Now you can trade on  Pocket Option legit.

How to sign in using a Facebook and trade Pocket Option legit in India? 

Everything is very simple. 

You will be immediately redirected by system to the Pocket Option platform. Registration completed.

How to sign up using Gmail and earn with Pocket Option legit in India?

Everything is very simple. On the registration page:

Moreover, you can also easily register  in Pocket Option legal in India using the company’s mobile application. It is very convenient and supports almost the same functions as the browser platform.



It is quite obvious that binary options trading is legal in India. Various kinds of speculation on this topic are associated solely with the low awareness of individuals and the unfair competition of companies from other areas of the financial market, such as Forex.

Therefore, all speculations on this topic are unfounded. Any resident of India can freely open an account with the company and start trading binary options.

It is also quite clear that Pocket Option is legal in India. This is a well-known international company that operates in many countries around the world and has a very good reputation. Pocket Option legit provides all citizens of India with a new opportunity to make money in the financial market.