The Gembell Limited holding, of which PO is a subsidiary, was established by a team of veterans of financial and trading industries. As a business that caters to the needs of the masses, this firm excels at facilitating OTC market access.

The broker has a goal to make trading as simple, transparent, and hassle-free as possible for its clients. PO has created a one-of-a-kind platform to guarantee traders and investors consistent work, which we can download for free.

What is the minimum deposit in pocket option for a broker?

You need to deposit $50 as the initial to open an account in real money on this software. Compared to other services in this vein, the beginning $50 is manageable.

Yet, even though after meeting the minimum requirements, with little money you can still do the work. Specifically, PO users do the bidding with as little as $1.

Pocket Option account case currency

For the purpose of taking the money out, the customer does so in the same currency used to make the initial deposit. The Company will exchange the deposit currency further into transfer currency if necessary. When the money is out of the Client’s Account, it will convert at the current exchange rate set by the Company.

In some cases, the Client’s Dashboard may show the currency within which the Company transfers funds to the Client’s External Account, based on the Client’s Account & the withdrawal method. 

Pocket Option funding methods

There are various methods of funding available for this software. Below are the methods that you can use as pocket option deposit methods:

Credit Card

With a CC, you may easily fund your account. The actual currency in use varies significantly between geographical areas. Your trading account balance, however, will be transferred to you in US dollars.

Deposits made with Mastercard and Visa are subject to complete verification in many countries and areas. It’s possible that deposit requirements will change based on location, too.


You may use crypto instead of fiat currency to fund your PO account. Mostly deposits are made using BTC transfer immediately. If you transfer funds via service, however, you should be aware that you could require to transmit money in many portions or that a fee might be associated with the transaction.


The most popular types of bank transfers are SEPA, International, and local transfers. You may use several ways to complete a bank transfer by using the PO software.

Other methods

You can fund your wallet with an electronic payment by way of a payment provider such as Advcash if you wish to make a deposit that will process immediately.

Pocket Option Deposit Bonus

This program offers new customers a 50% welcome bonus on their first deposit when they join a real money account. Their compensation ranges from 50% to 100% and is based on the size of your initial trading capital.

To qualify for the bonus at Pocket Option, you must generate net trading activity equal to fifty times the incentive amount. Example: If you deposit $10 and get a 100% bonus, you’ll have $20 in your account.

Before you start trading and meet the criteria, you can withdraw the gift.

The PO requires you to make trades before taking out the bonus money and your initial $50.


Can I have Multiple Pocket Option Accounts?

The monies from a Client’s Withdrawal Request transfer to the Client’s External Account via a Company-approved Agent. vA Withdrawal Request submitted by the Client must be in the same currency as the deposit. The Company will convert the transfer amount into transfer currency using the exchange rate when the funds are deducted from the Client’s Account if the depositing currency is distinct from the transfer currency.

Pocket Option minimum deposit vs other brokers?

Depositing funds into your Pocket Option account through wire transfer, bank card, payment app, or cryptocurrency is possible.