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Register on the platform, complete the verification process, and make a deposit. If you sign up now using this link, you will receive a promo code for a 50% bonus on your deposit.


Familiarize yourself with the list of successful traders and choose an option that appeals to you. Enable auto-copy trading to follow their trades.


Earn profits from all successful trades made by the chosen trader. Continue analyzing the market and selecting the best-performing traders to further increase your earnings.

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How to Copy Trade on Pocket Option

While in the terminal, please take note of the menu on the right-hand side and click on the «Social Trading» button (in the mobile version, this menu item is located at the bottom of the screen). You will then see a window displaying a list of profitable traders. Moreover, you can filter them based on their level of success (such as for the last 24 hours, top 100, and more).

To configure copy settings, select a trader from the «Social Trading» section (by clicking on their name) and click the «Copy» button in the subsequent window. Once done, the settings shown in the image below will become available.

Proportional copying is set as a percentage. 100% means that the beginner’s bet amount will be equal to the one indicated by the pro – the trader providing the signals. This parameter can be changed at your discretion so as to receive information from traders with other rates.

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You can explore detailed information and examples of various settings in the reference section of your personal account. Copy Trade Pocket Option is a feature that allows every participant on the platform, both beginners and experienced traders, to profit from trading.

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What are the differences between Pocket Option Social trading and Copy Trade?

While social trading emphasizes the social interaction and exchange of information, copy trading places more emphasis on the ability to replicate trades automatically. However, in practice, these terms are often used interchangeably, and the functionalities provided by platforms may overlap. So, in essence, there are no significant differences between social trading and copy trading, and these terms generally refer to the same concept.

Copy trading and social trading on Pocket Option are essentially the same thing. Users can connect, interact, and replicate the trades of successful traders. The platform combines social features with the ability to automatically copy trades, allowing for a seamless trading experience.

Pocket Option The platform was launched in February 2017. Since then, the platform has over 10 million registered users from over 100 countries.

Back in the year of its creation, an innovative social trading function was added to the platform (the question of what is social trade will be discussed in detail below). Subsequently, new features have been added to meet customer requirements. What is very good is that Pocket Option is not slowing down, and the company can no longer be called a small player.

The company has built its platform from scratch, making a very competitive product with a very user-friendly interface for binary options trading. For mobile devices, there are additionally prepared applications for iOS, Android and Windows. We had the opportunity to test all 3 of them and they showed great results.

A trader has several trading modes available:

Allowing traders to use two trading modes (fast and digital trading) helps when using certain strategies. Other platforms don’t have this option.


How to Copy a Trader in Pocket Option?

Social trading is a relatively new trend in the binary options market. Initially appeared on Forex, it has shown its effectiveness for any assets and sessions, offering an original way of working with the help of a professional community.

Unlike the usual social networks and forums, the broker’s internal platforms are used here, with the help of which a trader can use the signals of other players or completely copy their actions/transactions on his chart.

This way of working with assets has not received an unequivocally positive assessment, but has been found to be definitely useful in a variety of situations. I will immediately note that the minus of such a service is that zero knowledge in trading will not be enough to select sources for copying transactions.

This led to the fact that some inexperienced players began to blindly copy other people’s strategies, not even knowing how to evaluate and choose effective systems. Because of this, there is a mixed opinion about social trading in the market. True, risks can be significantly reduced if you carefully choose strategies for copying trades.



The main thing is to choose the right trader! Make the right choice!

On binary options, social trading appeared during the second wave of popularity on Forex, but immediately in its finished form, without the shortcomings of the first Forex versions.

Despite the fact that most traders find its usefulness only in automatic copying of rates, the possibilities of this tool are much wider. For example, Pocket Option copy trading allows you to track:

In addition, by observing the transactions of a successful trader, you can learn from his experience and learn how to trade. It should be useful and interesting for novice traders.

All this allows the user to make a choice based on objective indicators of the skill and success of the player, and not blindly copy the first deals that come across.

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Such copy trading Pocket Option is useful for beginners who still poorly understand the connections and consequences of certain processes in the market, and can navigate the trend changes thanks to observations of experienced colleagues.

Therefore, both experienced and novice traders will benefit from Pocket Option copy trading:

Players who have been on the market for a relatively long time and do not need to copy other people’s trades can get a good profit from attracting an audience. Becoming a trading leader

For beginners, you can earn additional profit, promote your own name in the world of options trading and make the work more interesting financially.

In general, it can be noted that Pocket Option copy trading is still a fairly young tool on the market, requiring the user to evaluate other people’s strategies. Its capabilities are not limited to simple copying, but allow traders to communicate, grow in a professional environment and follow the market leaders. Such services are still rare, but Pocket Option has already managed to implement it. At the same time, many traders still do not know what is social trade. Therefore, it is worth considering this service in more detail.

Copy trading Pocket Option is an example of a developing and popular tool that can be useful in binary options trading not only for beginners, but also for traders who already have certain knowledge and experience.


Traders search

To activate the function, just click on the icon on the right side of the screen, after which the current rates of traders from the watchlist will begin to be reflected on the chart.

If this way of working is not suitable, you can track the trading of other players through the panel on the right side of the screen. To copy another trader’s deal, just press one button, then the data will be instantly transferred to the open chart.

After that, the Pocket Option copy trading chart will begin to reflect the current rates of individual traders from the watch list. Next, you need to select a trader to copy trading signals and start trading with the social trading option.

To see the full rating or find a specific trader, you need to scroll down and click the «Show full rating» button.

In the window that opens, you can search for traders by nickname or user ID, but for this, the trader must make at least one trading operation within the last 24 hours.

Copy Trading

List of copied traders

After registration and replenishment of the deposit, the user of Pocket Option copy trading will be able to copy trades. You can find this feature in the right panel on the trading platform.

Now you can select a trader from the list to copy trades. Look at those that are on the platform at the current moment. It is worth choosing traders based on the analysis of all the statistical data presented by traders. You should not always focus on the highest profit, you should pay attention to other indicators. Only in this case it will be possible to form a general objective opinion about the trader and the expediency of copy trade.

It should be noted that the company copy trading Pocket Option provides users with a lot of useful information to choose a good and reliable provider of trading signals.

According to various parameters, the user will be able to evaluate the performance of a particular trader. We recommend paying attention to those users who have at least 60-70% of profitable transactions. It is worth analyzing other parameters, but this parameter is one of the key ones.

It is also worth paying attention to the ratings of the trader who distributes signals, personal profile, basic parameters of work, and be sure to watch his actions on the platform for some time.

Once you have chosen the most suitable signal provider, you must click on the green «Copy bets» button. And then in the “window” that opens, you can do the detailed settings for copying. Here, the company also offers several options for custom copy settings.

Start copying the success of other traders!

Social trading setting

In general, it is worth noting that Pocket Option copy trading is already a complete and fully developed trading platform. It has a very large set of tools for setting up and choosing the most optimal and profitable option for copying trading operations.

You can also configure other settings in the Copy Settings window:

To save all changes in the copy settings, you must click the «Confirm» button. In this case, all the settings and changes you have made will be saved and applied to your account.


Copy trading Pocket Option is an effective tool that opens up new opportunities for beginner traders. This system should be used as an auxiliary and educational function, and not just mindlessly copying other people’s trades. Only with this approach, copy trading will bring significant benefits and profits.

At the same time, it should be understood that for the greatest efficiency of the Pocket Option copy trading service. Be sure to pay attention to two key parameters:

The platform requires a minimum amount of $1 to place a copy order. The trader can also choose the minimum amount for each copied trade before placing an order, as well as the maximum amount in the copy settings.

A trader cannot copy trades on a demo account, but only on a real account, which means that the trader puts their real capital at risk and use their real trading account to copy trades.

If a user decides to stop copying another user, trade orders that were placed before the trader decided to stop copying (by clicking on the «Stop copying» option) will be executed.

Another caveat to note is that if you plan to use the minimum bet amount, if the minimum number of copies set is greater than the original amount of the trade, the copy order for the trade will not be executed. For example, if the original trade amount is $1 and the minimum copy amount is $2, then it will be impossible to complete the trade. The same goes for the maximum number of copies.

Of course, this option of copy trades offers several advantages for trading. Through Pocket Option Copy Trading, the user can easily observe and copy other traders on the platform, track their performance, choose who they want to copy based on their ranking or other preferences.

This allows traders to become a market participant even if their experience is at the level of a beginner, or if the user does not have the time and experience to place and control trades on their own. Also, this feature will be interesting for investors who want to receive passive income.

This is a unique opportunity to profit like the most successful participants of the platform by simply automatically copying their positions (remember that any trading involves the risk of losing capital).

Of course, copying other traders, no matter how successful they are, does not guarantee permanent profits, and a trader may end up copying not only winning trades but also losses. Nevertheless, a competent approach to social trading can bring very good profits for both experienced traders and beginners. By and large, for beginners, this is the simplest and easiest way to make money in the financial market in a short time. without trading experience, you can start earning almost immediately using the experience of successful traders.