Have you heard about the 100% bonus from Pocket Option and are currently in search of it? It is not surprising at all, thousands of traders are in search of such a lucrative promo offer every day, but few people know the rules and ways to get this bonus. Here you will learn how to become the owner of a promo code for 100% Pocket Option bonus with high probability.

Let’s note at once that no one can guarantee you a 100% deposit bonus, the first time, for free, and even if you do not have an account with the broker.

Sign Up and Get a Bonus

So the first step is to register and then you will get your first bonus. It will be 50%, but guaranteed and working. You can find it in your profile (finance tab, then promo codes) and it will also be available on the deposit page.

What is a 100 Bonus? Where Can I Find a 100% Promo Code?

Bonus 100%, promo code 100%, code 100% – all this refers to a special offer, thanks to which the user will be able to get a raise of 100% of the deposit made. If certain conditions are met.

While inside your account, click on the profile icon. Find the Marketplace button and click it. Note that the screenshot below may differ from your actual case, as the platform is available on different devices. Alternatively, there may be a side menu bar with the same button (for mobile devices).

The user is offered the following options:

Open Account

These are all parts of the unique ecosystem of the trading platform, which aims to encourage active trading and development of the Pocket Option community.

Each trader can see some gems in his profile statistics, these are virtual analogs of points that can be received for different actions: active and efficient trading, full filling of the profile, active participation in chats and various contests, assistance in the development of the trader community and promotion of the trading platform.

The collected gems can be spent on various bonuses, cashback, promo codes, Boosters and other features that allow you to make trading more profitable and less risky. You can get all this on the market. Click on this menu item now.

Pay attention to the promo codes tab. You will see a full list of current offers, scroll to the very bottom where you will find Bonus 100%.

According to the terms, to buy this bonus you will need 25 red crystals, 7 blue crystals and 11 green crystals. In addition, your level must be at least 10. The level indicates the number of deals, activity, trading turnover.

As of 29.03.2024. The minimum deposit for activation of 100% bonus is 100$. The maximum bonus you can get is 1000$.

For example, you received this bonus somehow (as a prize or you earned it yourself and bought it on the market). After activation you deposit 500$ to your account and 500$ will be added to your balance. Total you will have 1000$.

Additional conditions on the use and withdrawal of the bonus.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Bonus gives you 100% on deposit amount into Real account’s balance.
  2. You can cancel the bonus at any time. The bonus amount will be deducted from your real account balance.
  3. You can withdraw your deposited amount and profit at any moment if you have enough funds on your Real account’s balance.
  4. In case of withdrawal your active and not-executed bonus will be deducted from your Real account’s balance.
  5. You can execute the bonus and withdraw it if your net trading turnover is not less than $5000 (except for copied trades).
  6. The Company has a right to amend the bonus terms or terminate this promotion at any time without any notice.

How to get a fixed bonus of 100$ in Pocket Option?

But that’s not all! Few people know, but there is a $100 bonus that will be added to your balance. That is, it does not require a preliminary deposit to your account.

Sign Up and Get a Bonus

Let’s say right away that this thing is even more rare to get. Ask support in what promotional offers and events now it can be obtained without buying on the market.

But if you are an experienced trader who has contributed to the community and accumulated enough reputation then after going to the market interface click on the BONUS TO BALANCE tab.

You will see a similar list of offers sorted from the smallest to the most desirable 100 bonus coupon.

After each purchase, you can check out all the u0022itemsu0022 either in the promo codes section or in the shopping section. Be sure to pay attention to the terms of use and expiration dates, as some offers have a limited period for activation once received.

In this up-to-date guide, you have read the general terms and conditions for getting the 100 bonus (both as a special code and as a coupon).

It is important to remember that the terms and conditions and range of offers are constantly changing. If there are any further changes, we will update this article. But you can always check the current bonuses in your account or contact support for details.

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